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At Frobisher, you’ll find wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, end-to-end design services. With the expertise of interior designers and our in-house architectural consultant to draw on, no idea is off limits!

We believe good design is collaborative, a reflection of your style enhanced by our expertise, to create a bespoke interior you’ll love. Our interior designers are passionate about helping you express your uniqueness through your home.

The Frobisher Way

Our role is to enhance your interior design journey, showing you possibilities that you may not have considered while making it fun along the way.

Whether you are busy and would like to leave the details to us, or would like to take a more hands-on approach, our team is here to guide, advise .

Our Services:

– Furniture Selections

– Window Treatments

– Exterior & interior colour and finishes

– Styling and spatial design


Establish the Project

We will explore the basis of your creative journey ahead, establishing the scope and approach required including time frames, budgets and any other specific considerations. It’s an opportunity to discuss your needs, expectations and non-negotiables as this will determine what you prioritise in an interior and define your overall look. We will pull together themes that will allow us to create an authentically aligned and tailored-made plan for you, it’s an opportunity to provide parameters, and seek clarity for your design journey.


Design Development and Procurement

After your look-and-feel presentation, we will finalise the design details and start commissioning any custom-designed pieces, as well as sourcing from our own showrooms, and local and globally renowned suppliers. We will start pulling textiles together from our extensive fabric studio and drawing together all other finishing touches. Our design specialists have sound knowledge of project management, we will be there to maintain quality control and problem-solve along the way with suppliers and contractors.


Concept Design

Here we will research all considerations for the interior and exterior, we will source design fixtures and fittings, interior and exterior selections, and map out spatial detailing to create a personal identity for your project. With rich experience working with leading builders and architects, we understand the importance of working together to achieve a cohesive and comprehensive view of the project.



Engaging in the process of styling is a powerful way for us to work with you to curate your space and display what you love. It is understanding what to place where to create a beautiful interior, and what to edit for clarity and impact. It’s a chance to reconnect with what you have and blend this with your new additions to channel depth and interest.


Initial Visual Design

We will take you through an initial visual design concept You will be able to feel the material elements and gain a comprehensive feel for the visual direction. It’s a chance for us to confirm the design identity, and discuss design elements such as fabric selections, joinery detailing, and preference of fixtures and fittings.

Meet our design team

Our team of interior specialists are committed to helping you enhance your idea of inspired living. We’re passionate about helping people find those special, one-of-a-kind pieces so we explore the world to bring you a range of bespoke furniture, homewares, and accessories as unique as you are. We’re here to help you craft a space to be lived in and enjoyed.

A delicious thank-you to the Frobisher team. Working with Ann-Marie and the design team has been lots of fun. Sharing ideas and putting together a collection of textiles and treats, to create warm spaces that are at the heart of my home.

Client - Jane Donnelly

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